We are grateful to all who are not indifferent to the fate of seriously ill children and to all who help us save their lives.


AssociazioneSoleterreStrategie di Paceis the main partner of the Foundation. Soleterre operates in Italy and abroad implementing projects to protect human rights, providing medical and educational programs, supporting children and women who live below the poverty.

Thank you for saving kids with us.


Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace www.ubb.org.ua;

Children Future Project www.cfponlus.org;

Patronato Acli www.patronato.acli.it;

IWCK www.iwck.org;

IDS Borjomi Ukraine www.ids.ua;

Fondazione Zanetti www.fondazionezanetti-onlus.org;

Un gesto per loro onlus www.ungestoperloro.org;

UniСredit Foundation www.unicreditfoundation.org.

Nova Poshta www.novaposhta.ua;

Friends, without you we would not be able to save hundreds of children’s lives. Thank you forbeing with us!
Event Media Company Estet Estet www.estet.com.ua;
Raiffeisen Bank Avalwww.aval.ua;
LILT Giocare in Corsia www.giocareincorsia.com/;
Photo Salon Zifrawww.zifra.com.ua;
Plane Ticket Agency Airlife www.airlife.ua;

Thank you for giving our children an opportunity to be children. Thank you for your friendly shoulder and helping hands. We are proud to have you in our team.

Olga Demchuk
Yoga instructor for our moms, organization of charity events, fundraising for our beneficiaries

Olga Stanislavska

Alina Tosych
organizing parties for our beneficiaries/br>

Ania Takhtarova
leisure activities for our children

Olena Demeshko
leisure activities for our children

Olena Kolomiets
is a psychologist at the National Institute of Cancer and at the Pediatric Department of Neurosurgery

Maryna Yaremenko

Natalia Ploschynska
creative activities for children