Center for children affected by cancer Dacha

Treatment of oncology diseases may last for months and for this period the family has to find an accommodation because a child requires constant care. Living in a hotel or renting an apartment for several months is an impossible luxury.

Individual assistance

Zaporuka provides individual assistance to children hospitalized at the National Institute of Cancer, at the Pediatric Clinic of Neurosurgery and at the Western Ukrainian Specialized Pediatric Medical Center in Lviv. Almost every day our representatives visit departments, verify thoroughly all the requests for help, get information from doctors and determine the relevance of the request.

Psychlogical assistance

Zaporuka Foundation has launched a psychological service at the National Institute of Cancer and at the Pediatric Clinic of Neurosurgery and more than 6 years continues financing it. In 2014 our psychologist started workingat the Western Ukrainian Specialized Pediatric Medical Center in Lviv.

Physical reahabilitation

It is hard to overestimate the necessity of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation for the patients who had a surgery to remove a malignant tumor. If a patient does not work with a physiotherapist, in several weeks or months of inactivity a significant deterioration of his/her muscles and ligaments occurs, joint stiffness (in case of endoprosthesis) and various edemas because of blood-circulation degradation are observed.

Education and leisurefor children

It is important to continue education of the children during treatment. Continuous learning process raises children’s self-esteem and helps to avoid a feeling of inferiority compared with healthy peers.

Support for medical staff

Zaporuka provides financial support and psychological assistance for the nurses of the National Institute of Cancer.

Medical equipment

Pediatric oncology and neurosurgery are one of the most high-tech branches of medicine. New methods of treatment emerge constantly in the world.Often they require new technologies. Unfortunately, Ukrainian government does not always provide medical institutions with all necessary modern equipment.

Medicines and medical consumables

In Ukraine annually more than 1000 children are diagnosed with cancer. Officially, in this country more than 5000 children affected by cancer are registered. In the foreign practice more than 70% of children with this diagnosis recover. Unfortunately, in Ukraine the mortality statistics is much higher and some of the reasons for it are absence of medicines and delayed treatment.

Improvement of the sanitary condition of the departaments

During cancer treatment and in the postoperative period strong antibiotic or aggressive chemotherapies influence a child’s immune system, so even the smallest infection can “kill” and all the efforts of doctors to save a child from the main disease will not give any results. Wall cracks, mold, old floor can be absolutely safe for us, but deadly harmful to ill children’s health.

Awareness campaign for primary care physicians

Childhood cancer can be cured if detected in time!

According to the data of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine the incidence of childhood cancer in this country occupies one of the last places in the world ranking but the death rate exceeds the world averageindicators.

Infomation center

In spring 2010 Zaporuka founded in Lviv the Information Center for Migration. Daily the experts of the Center provide free legal and psychological assistance to the migrant workers and their families. In 2014, for example, more than 300 legal consultations and over 500 psychological consultations were provided.

Development of charity in Ukraine

Perhaps, there is no society in which there would be no material inequality between citizens.Charity has always been a means of improving the financial position and of providing moral support to vulnerable segments of the population.Today, charity is becoming increasingly important in solving pressing social problems.The concept of “charity” in the modern society has a broad meaning – from the usual financial assistance to philanthropy.