Center for Children Affected by Cancer Dacha

Treatment of oncology diseases may last for months and for this period the family has to find an accommodation because a child requires constant care. Living in a hotel or renting an apartment for several months is an impossible luxury.

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Helping Seriously Ill Children

Every day we help seriously ill children hospitalized at the National Institute of Cancer, at the Pediatric Clinic of Neurosurgery and at the Western Ukrainian Specialized Pediatric Medical Center.

In 7 years we helped for the total amount of more than 20 000 000 UAH.

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Information Center

In spring 2010 Zaporuka opened in Lviv the Information Center for Migration. Every day the experts of the Center provide labor migrants and their families with free legal and psychosocial support. In 2014, for instance, more than 300 legal consultations and more than 500 psychosocial consultations were provided.

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