About us
Charitable Foundation Zaporuka was founded in 2008. We operate both in Kyiv and in Lviv.

Our mission is to be there for those who need help because we believe in good and are guided by three values: humanness, honesty and efficiency.

And we understand them so:

Humanness (we are there for those who need us, take care of them and help them).

Honesty (10 years of crystal clear reputation).

Efficiency (maximizing the good of each hryvnia, helping in the best possible way).

Founders and Board Members

Founders are:

Anton Denysenko is CEO of Bizerba Ukraine.

“For me Zaporuka means to be an example for my children, to help those whose life is harder now and to multiply the good”


Let’s get acquainted: it’s Zaporuka. There are no random people in the Foundation, all team members love their job and believe that the changes depend on each of us.

Natalia Onipko
President of the Foundation
tel.: +38 (044) 361-56-97
e-mail: onipko|@|zaporuka.com.ua

Ludmyla Pelykh
Coordinator of the Center Dacha, responsible for the Foundation operating at the National Institute of Cancer
tel.: +38 (050) 334-62-44
e-mail: pelyh|@|zaporuka.com.ua


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